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This page lists all the patch notes released officially by the game developers.

September Patch Notes

09/19/2014 12:00

As you all know, we very recently had some very active times with the latest Closed Betas on PC.

Thanks to these, we were able to test our infrastructures and introduce many modifications along some bug fixes.

Now that the console beta is coming closer we’d like to give you a look at some of the major changes that were applied to the game.


  • Removed the Grany effect at night time.
  • Regrouped the colors from the Headquarters/Car Tuners in a logical order.
  • Fixed minor visuals bugs on cars.
  • Fixed an issue affecting the camera that was passing through objects in Car Dealers/Car. Tuners/Headquarters.
  • Fixed various graphical bugs in Car Dealers/Car Tuners/Headquarters.
  • Fixed various graphical bugs throughout the world.
  • Fixed an issue when a vehicle was leaving the car tuner without its chassis.


  • Improved the sessoning system in freeride.
  • Improved the PvP lobby sessioning system.
  • Reduced the bandwidth used by the game.
  • Added a party system to voice chat only with your friends.


  • Tweaked the UI to allow the players to have a more distinct display of information.
  • Improved the quick coop interface.
  • Improved the friend list interface.
  • Corrected and updated texts throughout the game.
  • Updated some wiki pages that were deprecated.
  • Updated skill names in order to be consistent with the game progression.
  • Added an AFK icon (zZz bubble) next to the player's name and in the crew roster to indicate that a player is idle.
  • Added a small icon next to the players name indicating whether the player is in sport handling (orange wheel) or hardcore handling (red wheel).
  • Added icons on the map that indicate the approximate areas where secret car parts can be found.
  • Fixed an issue where players do not receive notifications when a friend beats their score record from skills or missions.


  • Improved the global PvP flow.
  • Enhancement of the car handling while in “sport” or “hardcore” mode.
  • Enhancement of the “Drifting” aspect of the cars.
  • Added an auto “back on track” feature.
  • Improved traffic AI.
  • Removed the timer to select a race in PvP Private modes.
  • Tweaked the police AI to be slightly more aggressive.
  • Tweaked AI and mission difficulty.
  • Tweaked skill difficulty.
  • Improved car physics and collisions with environment and other players.

The team also fixed over 4000 bugs in the last 30 days and many other modifications and improvements have been made to the game.

Second PC closed beta

08/25/2014 12:00 AM

Thanks to your feedback from our first closed beta, the team was able to fix and improve several elements of the game.

You’ll find bellow the list of the latest fixes and changes that have been applied to the game for the second PC Closed Beta.


  • Fixed an issue when missions could not be completed if the game was running with low FPS.
  • Fixed an issue when missions could not be completed due to multiple devices plugged-in affecting the controls.
  • Fixed a loading queue issue when a high amount of players were entering the game at the same time.
  • Improved the sessioning system.
  • Fixed an issue when players could not see anybody around them.
  • Fixed an issue where “new game” was not present in the main menu.
  • Fixed various rendering issues.
  • Fixed graphical issues with SLI enabled.
  • Fixed graphical issues that occurred on certain graphic cards.
  • Fixed antialiasing on the nav-ribbon.
  • Fixed video settings auto-detection.
  • Fixed an issue when the voices were reactivated automatically when transitioning to a PvP lobby even if they were previously disabled.
  • Fixed an issue when using ALT+F4 didn’t close the game.
  • Fixed an issue with the clutch setting on generic devices’ keymapping.
  • Fixed some missing vehicles in first chunk, for skill ghost and also some parts.
  • Fixed a cursor issue when opening the map.
  • Fixed cockpit camera control with the mouse.


  • Improved the voice chat quality.
  • Voice chat is now off by default.
  • Added mute player voices option in the Audio menu.
  • Changed the looping sound from intro loading scene.
  • Tweaked various skills.
  • Removed CGI trailer in login state.
  • Removed NDA.

Rest assured that the team we’ll keep on improving the game and listening to your feedback.

First PC closed beta

First public release, its content was under NDA (Non-disclosure agreement).