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Challenges are a set of relatively simple tasks that can be done in order to gain additional bucks. Three types of Challenges exist - short - which reset daily, medium - which resets weekly and long - which resets monthly. They are randomized for each players and require to do a 1-3 set of tasks. Once completed, they grant a bonus bucks to the player and become marked as “completed”. A new challenge will be available after the required time passes. There are also related Awards, Achievements and Actions that can be unlocked upon successfully completed the challenges.

Known Challenges


Short challenges require to complete 3 different objectives, reset daily, grant 500B.png upon completion. Possible objectives include:

  • Apply 2 cosmetic changes to any car
  • Apply 3 cosmetic changes to any car
  • Complete 3 Precision Skills
  • Complete 3 unique PvE Missions
  • Complete 3 unique PvE A to B Missions
  • Earn 1000B.png from Collateral in a single combo
  • View 3 unique Landmarks
  • View 5 unique Landmarks


Medium challenges require to complete 2 different objectives, reset weekly, grant 100B.png upon completion. Possible objectives include:

  • Earn 10 Most Wanted Stars
  • Find 2 Wreck Parts


Long challenges require to complete 1 objective, reset monthly, grant 1500B.png upon completion. Possible objectives include:

  • Earn 100 Most Wanted Stars